Commercial Renovations

Malion Contracting works hard to accommodate the specific requirements of each commercial renovation project we undertake.

Taking your commercial project from start to finish

Malion Contracting offers a full range of commercial renovations and begins every project with a thorough understanding of a client’s needs, vision, budget and timeline. From there, we create an innovative design solution to maximize the space’s function, efficiency and aesthetics.

Our construction and renovation services include everything from interior demolition to millwork, drywall, flooring, plumbing, electrical, acoustical ceilings, furniture installation and creating accessible washrooms. Let us put our knowledge of building codes and experience with building permit processes to work for you.

Office Renovations

making your office space work for you

As more and more professionals adopt a hybrid schedule, office spaces need to adapt. Whether your company wants to transform its existing space and/or you’d like to create a satellite office where team members can collaborate and solve problems in a healthy environment that promotes well-being and productivity, Malion Contracting is committed to making your office space work for you.


Because design is part of our service, that might mean creating huddle, meeting and conference rooms, individual workspaces and accommodating hybrid communication needs. When tackling an office renovation, Malion Contracting understands that time is money, underscoring our commitment to completing the job quickly, efficiently and on budget.

Office Renovations

Restaurant Renovations

making a great first impression

It’s often been said that you don’t get a second chance to make a first impression and that’s certainly true when it comes to restaurants. Sure, the kitchen is where the magic happens, but the atmosphere, décor and layout play an essential role in attracting customers and ensuring they return again and again and recommend you to their friends.

Whether you operate a franchise or plan to open your own restaurant in a new space or refresh an existing one, restaurant renovation requires a lot of behind-the-scenes work. That includes understanding architectural and structural requirements, coming up with the perfect design, figuring out electrical and other requirements, and getting the right permits. Count on Malion Contracting to bring your vision to life.

restaurant Renovations

Full Business Renovations

get down to business with renos that add value

Places of business have changed dramatically and Malion Contracting will help ensure your commercial property, office or retail store meets the evolving needs of your staff, tenants, customers and/or clients, beginning with a design that covers all the bases.

Our clients count on us for projects big and small. That might mean redesigning the layout, installing furniture, installing millwork – including doors, windows, trim and stairs – and creating accessible washrooms. We have the experts, equipment and experience needed to deal with unforeseen issues that might arise when tearing down walls. Our clients demand value and we deliver every time!

Full Business Renovations

Wellness Clinics and More

wellness clinic and more

Sustainable and eco-friendly products combined with welcoming and functional design are the cornerstones of our projects, which include Fundamentals Physiotherapy & Wellness Clinic in Oshawa and Reach Wellness in Whitby.

wellness clinics and more